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Way Wive Wordz

We provide a platform for new, undiscovered, underrepresented voices to make their creative mark in the world of writing. We welcome a range of writing forms that explore culture, diversity, social conditions and spirituality. 

Words are a gift to the world. When expressed with consideration and uniqueness they have the power to transform lives. Through intimate engagement with this power we feel it is possible to achieve personal success in all areas of life. We take aspiration seriously and pride ourselves in recognising and nurturing talent.

As reflected in the lotusquill design of our logo, we believe words and writing are the basis for self transformation. In Ancient Egypt, the blue lotus and papyrus respectively represented upper and lower Eygpt. Symbols of the interwoven lotus and papyrus were associated with the unity of the two Kingdoms. The lotus also figures as a sign of rebirth, because it submerged in water at night to emerge resplendently each morning, arching before the sun. We  chose the blue lotus to embody our concept because it also signifies wisdom, knowledge and transcendence – of “victory over the senses.” Anyone ready to emerge,  be discovered, to bloom,  conquer their fears and pursue success will find their path through Way Wive Wordz.

Our Team

Meet the talented individuals who drive our success and bring passion, expertise, and dedication to everything we do.

Dr Michelle Yaa Asantewa

Dr Michelle Yaa Asantewa is an award-winning author, academic and community activist. 
Her many publications include the young adult novel, Elijah, a poetry collection The Awakening, and she is the editor of the anthology In Search of Mami Wata.  Michelle is the co-founder of Way Wive Wordz Publishing, Editing and Tuition Services.

Ateinda Ausarntu

Ateinda Ausarntu is a passionate co-founder with a love for literature and with him our independent publishing house thrives on the ethos of creativity and community.
Ateinda brings a wealth of experience as a Further Education teacher, voice over artist, editor, and book designer. His commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of our publishing process. As a workshop facilitator, he empowers writers to hone their craft and share their unique voices with the world.
As a co-founder, Ateinda oversees manuscript development, ensuring that each story is carefully crafted and nurtured. He also spearheads sales, marketing, and distribution efforts, connecting our authors with their readership.

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🎉 Celebrating 10 Years of Excellence! 🎉

Join us in commemorating a decade of dedication to academic achievement, creativity, and personal growth through the power of words.

For the past 10 years, we’ve specialized in elevating content and quality through our Editing and Proofreading services, enriching publications spanning fiction, non-fiction, blogs, essays, dissertations, professional statements, and websites.

Our Tuition service has nurtured excellence in personal and academic realms, offering tailored one-to-one and group sessions to foster development.

Additionally, our Publishing service has brought to life captivating fiction and non-fiction books, aiming to uplift spirits, inspire minds, and enrich cultural understanding.

Thank you for being a part of our journey! Here’s to another decade of empowering minds and shaping futures. 📚✨”

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